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Medical school education (training) is free and the course of training lasts 6 years. The first 2 years provide a broad programme of general education in basic subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and medical Latin. Instruction takes place in lecture and seminars, with most time spent in the latter. Examinations are both oral and written. Students do not see patients at this time, but many students believe that they should see patients earlier.

Course work includes manу no medical subjects, such as history of the 20th century, philosophy and ethics, political economy, atheism and religion - “paramedical” subjects such as chemistry, physics and mathematics. So the main aim of the first stage of the medical trainings to provide a broad and solid foundation for professional knowledge.

The third through fifth years are called the Senior Course. During the third year students study pathology, pharmacology general surgery and surgical anatomy. In the latter, students learn to perform three basic operations - appendectomy, tracheotomy, and correction for ectcopic pregnancy - on cadavers .In the 4 year – long course of propedentical of eliciting them diagnosis, and theoretical aspects of pathology. The course also includes subjects such as physician's ethics and deontology. The latter is concerned with how and when to communicate critical information to patients. Clinical practice is begun during the Senior Course Croups of 10 or fewer students accompany a professor examining patients. Students gather anamnesis, perform physical examination, observe instrumental diagnostic procedures and treatment, and analyze laboratory data under their professors’ supervision. Students are evaluated by their ability to write a case history, to logically construct a diagnosis and by oral examination.

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